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I grew up on a farm in South Africa, where, as children we were encouraged to go out and explore, spending our holidays running wild with the dogs for company, swimming in dams and rivers, exploring caves and collecting stones in all colours from the stream bed, digging up clay and sculpting animals and figures – these are my fondest memories of my school holidays.

My career as a ceramic artist started in 2007. After many years in the fashion and clothing industry it felt right to return to the tactile nature of clay, where my creative passion had begun.

Through my ceramics for home and garden, I reflect my love of the countryside and the wide open skies of my childhood, in the texture I find and create and the way colour reacts to it.

I create antique lace porcelain ceramics for the home by impressing fabrics into porcelain clay and forming vases, tea-lights and bowls.

Inspired by the nature in my own garden I also create

frost-proof handmade garden ceramics in sculptures that are both practical and beautiful, providing birds, bees and hedgehogs, with food, water and shelter with a range of bird houses, bird baths and cane toppers.

Born in South Africa
Lives & works in Cirencester, UK


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